Many friends told me that the best burger they’ve ever had was at Zinburger.  Granted, we are all from North Jersey, and this chain of less than a dozen is primarily only located in North Jersey, it leaves a lot open for debate, however, this is a really great burger regardless.


French fries come separately, but they served as an appetizer in this case and loaded with green chili cheese sauce, roasted jalapeños, chipotle sauce and Cotija cheese.  As delicious as this was, the real winner were the double truffle fries with truffle aioli, truffle oil and parmesan cheese.


While we were sharing/hoarding these, we waited for our burgers to come.  Naturally I ordered the “Zinburger” because this is their namesake, it has to be the best they offer right?  For sure!  It comes with Manchego cheese, Zinfandel braised onions, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Believe it or not, sometimes what makes the burger better than the meat, is the bun, and this bun wins all the way.  Soft, sweet, buttery, it is a great vehicle for the sensation inside.

Of course we had to have accompanying drinks.  I ordered a glass of Zinfandel wine (of course) since I was having a Zinburger.  But if wine is not your thing, there is also the Red-Zingria which is zinfandel wine, triple sec, fresh lime and raspberry.









My brother got the Kentucky Smash with Jim Beam bourbon, fresh lemon juice, mint and Angostura Bitters.  Since me and my brother are whiskey drinkers, this seemed weak. I am not sure if they over did it with the ice, but it wasn’t the lime that dominated either.  Not a bad drink just did not have the bite that whiskey should have in a cocktail.

The prices here are more than reasonable compared to nearly anything. Its not cheap for a burger, but these are not ordinary burgers.

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