Seabra’s Marisqueira, Newark NJ


Its hard to find really good seafood anymore without paying a handsome ransom.  But, if you know the right place in the right neighborhood, you can find it and it will transport you back to the very seaside village the food originated from.

its a rainy, unusually cool afternoon in August, so time to take a break from the barbecue and meat grilling and make some time for this fresh seafood.


What do you start with? Something simple, tried and true. Camarão a Guilho, simply shrimp sauteed with garlic and olive oil.  Its delicious, but salty, and the first glass of red wine sangria goes down fast, which is always why you should order at least half a pitcher for 2 or more people rather than by the glass.  This was the freshest shrimp I’ve had since I was in Brazil, which leads me to believe, the saltiness was from the sea, not something frozen and over-salted to cover up the taste.  Delicious.  Best shrimp I’ve ever had in this region, no joke.


So we had a delicious appetizer neither me or my friend can finish, especially knowing more was on the way.  Up next, a traditional Portuguese Delight known as Carne de Porco à Alentejana, which is basically cubed pork, clams, and delicious potatoes braised in garlic, white wine and fresh coriander sauce.  The pork has a distinct vinegar taste to it, I am not sure if its marinated in it, or its added while cooking, but its there, as well as the vinegar cauliflower which I am sure was previously marinated.  Some black olives are in the dish as well, in addition to fresh cilantro.  The bite of the vinegar may be an acquired taste, but that did not stop me from using the Portuguese bread to absorb the liquid juices it was cooked in.  Honestly, my favorite thing on that plate were the potatoes, not sure if they reminded me of my mother’s oven cooked potatoes, or what, but I tried to eat every last one because they were so delicious.

After a pitcher of red wine sangria and enough food to feed 4 people (though we were photoonly two), the only thing we can do is pass on the dessert and order a double espresso.  Being Italian, I am especially critical of espresso, but this was really good.  Perhaps not as good as Italian or Sicilian espresso but definitely a good pick-me-up.  I never heard of Delta before, I searched for it on the web, and there is a coffee house in Colorado, but I am not sure if this is a Portuguese or American brand.  Either way, great way to finish off a great lunch before heading back home to ultimately take a nap and do more work so we can enjoy another meal like this tomorrow.  Very few places “grab” me at the first encounter, but this is one of them.  I will be back at Seabra’s as soon as I have the chance to try their other great seafood delights.

This whole feast cost $55 with sangria, 2 small bottles of mineral water, 2 espressos and plenty of bread, plus tip.  I am not sure you can eat better for less anywhere in this area.

Seabra’s Marisqueira  (973-465-1250)
87 Madison Street, Newark NJ

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