Here is a personal ranking of all the pizza that I have ever eaten all over the world.  My rating system is fairly simple.  I taste a pizza, if I like it more than any other pizza I’ve ever had, it goes to the top of the list.  If it is the worst slice of pizza I’ve ever had, it goes to the bottom of the list.  Here is the list in order from my personal favorite to those I probably won’t ever try again.  “The best” is completely subjective.  If you don’t like Neapolitana style pizza, you most likely are not going to like my top choices.  If you are more of an “American” traditional pizza person, read the notes next to it. There are some places that are starting to call the traditional American style slice “old school” or “old world” or even “old fashioned”. This is nonsense. It’s not. It is just a fancy way to call it something its not to sell more of it or make it sound more appetizing. It’s either Traditional, Specialty, or Neapolitan.

    1. Amore Mio (Aruba) While all are good, my favorite is Diablo
    2. Razza (Jersey City NJ) Probably the best in NJ.
    3. Keste (Manhattan NY) The best outside of Italy, according to my cousin from Sicily.
    4. Aquila Forno (Little Falls NJ) a very small place, but really really great brick oven pizza.
    5. Arturo’s (Maplewood NJ) Same owner as Razza, so you know its one of the best.
    6. Dough Pizzeria (Caldwell NJ) They have seasonal pizzas based on availability of produce
    7. Tony D’s (Caldwell NJ) Grandma’s is best
    8. Pizza Terminal (Verona NJ) The Sicilian, Bronx & Brooklyn slice all remind me of my mother’s.
    9. Bella Gente (Verona NJ)
    10. Angeloni’s (Caldwell NJ) Thinny Thin is the only one you can eat and only eat half but still be filling.
    11. King Umberto (Elmont NY) My first experience with the “Grandma” over 20 years ago.
    12. Casa Tua (Aruba) Gypsy pizza with chorizo and black olives.
    13. Woodstack (Pine Brook NJ)
    14. Grimaldi’s (Verona NJ)
    15. Ralph’s (Nutley NJ) Nutley’s first and oldest pizzeria since 1961
    16. Pizzaland $1 slice as of 9/9/17, thin, crisp, delicious, also a landmark as it appears in The Sopranos series.
    17. Pizza Town USA (Garfield NJ) Traditional slice, thin, delicious
    18. Godfather Pizza (East Hanover NJ)
    19. Village Trattoria (South Orange NJ) go for the Grandma’s
    20. Starlite Pizzeria (West Orange NJ)
    21. Star Tavern (Orange NJ) Consistently voted one of the best in NJ.
    22. Coal House (Point Pleasant NJ)
    23. San Matteo (Manhattan NY)
    24. Double Zero (Fairfield NJ)
    25. Forte’s (Caldwell NJ) The Grandpa has aged mozzarella, the Grandma fresh, I prefer the Grandpa.
    26. Nauna’s (Montclair NJ)
    27. Leone’s (Montclair NJ)
    28. Soho Pizza & Grill (Montclair NJ) Romano is the pie to get.
    29. La Pizza (Roseland NJ)
    30. Angelo’s (Parsippany NJ) thin crust, crispy, light, wonderful.
    31. Colombo’s (Lincoln Park NJ)
    32. Linwood Pizza (Garfield NJ) Strip mall pizza, nothing bad, but better off getting the plain pie for $11 than to pay $2.50 for a single slice.
    33. Baldwin Pizzeria (Parsippany NJ) big slice, $2, great crisp crunch, great sauce, really good!
    34. Pizza 46 (Totowa NJ)
    35. Panevino Brick Oven (Livingston NJ), restaurant, not a pizzeria.
    36. Sicilian Oven (Ft. Lauderdale FL) if you like a lot of pepperoni where it is flame broiled until crispy, this is a place to go.
    37. Handcrafted (Monsey NY) Kosher, but don’t let that stop you if you aren’t. This is really great pizza.
    38. Gencarelli’s (Pine Brook NJ) great traditional pizza.
    39. Mandara’s (West Caldwell NJ)
    40. Ralph’s (Nutley NJ) “Double baked”, crisp, thin crust, love the well-melted cheese till it browns.
    41. Vitamia & Sons (Lodi NJ) This is more like old school “tomato pie” but they do sprinkle cheese on top
    42. Cousin’s (Bloomfield NJ) $2 Thin crispy crust, place does not look like much but it was actually pretty good.
    43. Frank Anthony’s (Verona NJ)
    44. RigaTony’s (Little Falls NJ) interesting spices, good.
    45. Pizza Calabrese (Joao Pessoa, Brazil)
    46. Lodi Pizza (Lodi NJ)
    47. Frank & Son (Parsippany NJ) good pizza, a nice even layer of crust/sauce/cheese
    48. Hollywood Pizzeria (Fairfield NJ)
    49. Anthony Franco’s (Parsippany NJ)
    50. Pazzo Pizza (Calandra’s, Fairfield NJ)
    51. Delizia Pizza Kitchen (Boonton NJ)
    52. Pizza & Sandwich Barn (Caldwell NJ) Good traditional pizza, this place has been here for decades.
    53. DaVinci (Upper Montclair NJ)
    54. Verona Pizzeria (Verona NJ)
    55. 7 Stars (Hoboken NJ) Very big double slices
    56. Bruno’s (Clifton NJ)  Their Sicilian is voted one of the best, not for me, but with trying.
    57. Sun Ray (Little Falls NJ) Nothing special, typical, but not bad at $2 per slice.
    58. La Famiglia (Caldwell NJ)
    59. Franco’s Grandma (West Caldwell NJ) old standby since the 1980s who managed to keep up with the times.
    60. Ah Pizz (Denville & Montclair NJ) really good pizza.
    61. Fiamma (Montclair NJ) Wayyyy too salty to even be enjoyable, shame, the crust is great.
    62. Parsippany’s Best (Parsippany NJ) Nice variety of gourmet or specialty pizza slices
    63. Gencarelli’s (Newark NJ) super thin crust and for $1 per slice, there is no way to go wrong.
    64. Ciao Bella (Wayne NJ, West Belt Mall, super thin, good, but sauce is barely painted on)
    65. Frank’s Trattoria (West Caldwell NJ) basic pizzeria pizza. Not horrible, not noteworthy.
    66. Giuseppe (Cedar Grove NJ) Typical pizzeria, but it does the job.
    67. Mr Dino’s (Montclair NJ)
    68. Borino’s (Verona NJ)
    69. Totowa Pizza (Totowa NJ) Good sauce, but too “bready” and I suspect the use garlic powder.
    70. Cedar Grill (Caldwell NJ) too much dough, too much cheese, little sauce, crust not cooked well.
    71. Slices Pizza (formerly Elins, Elizabeth NJ) – not the worst, but reminded me of what I got in high school.
    72. Coco Bambu (Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil)
    73. Capri (Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil)
    74. Villa Capri II (Sparta NJ)
    75. Puzo’s Pizzeria (Fairfield NJ) too chewy, too much cheese, odd tasting sauce, too thick/doughy crust.
    76. Market Place (Manhattan NY) for $1 per slice, you really can’t go wrong. Not the best, but better than most.
    77. Giuseppe’s Pizza (Pennsylvania) typical pizzeria pizza, nothing special, but it hit the spot while on the road
    78. Marcello’s (Tuckahoe NY) name could be mistaken, but does not much matter, poor quality cheese, dough thin but not cooked well, tasteless white crust.
    79. Corrado’s (Fairfield NJ) too thick, too much cheese, cafeteria quality.  I love the store but not their pizza.
    80. Tony’s (Little Falls NJ)
    81. Rusiello’s (West Caldwell NJ) Some of their pizzas are not bad, but avoid the Sicilian at all costs, it is basically wonder bread with melted mozzarella.
    82. Papa’s Tomato Pies (Robbinsville NJ) Voted one of the best in NJ, I just don’t get it, nothing compared to pizza in North Jersey
    83. Soprano’s (Totowa NJ) not very good.
    84. Junior’s Pizza & Falafels (Boonton NJ) The name says it all, its just a place to grab food.
    85. Robert’s (Montclair NJ)
    86. Salugo Bistro & Pizzeria (Verona NJ) Once a favorite, but once they changed owners, quality dived.
    87. Linwood Pizza (Garfield NJ)
    88. Sorella’s (Whitehouse NJ)
    89. Blaze (Willowbrook Mall NJ)
    90. Linwood Pizza (Totowa NJ)

Gone but not forgotten (or better off forgotten):

  • Gennaro’s Cucina (West Caldwell NJ) CLOSED, now Mandara’s
  • Sonny’s (Caldwell NJ) Several owners, last one went bankrupt.
  • Sonny’s (West Caldwell NJ) short lived.
  • Genc’s (Caldwell NJ) $5 pizza with cheap ingredients popular with school kids, but no one else.
  • Corleone (Aruba) They copied artwork from The Godfather but no worries, they are now closed.
  • Mancinni’s Coal Oven Pizza (Montclair, NJ) Excellent crust, used to be a favorite but has changed hands. 1/10/20 I noticed they were closed at 1pm on a Friday and/or might have been a sandwich shop in transition.