Coal House Pizza Point Pleasant NJ

Coal House Pizza, Point Pleasant NJ


This place seemed nice enough.  Its got a great variety of pizzas and its fast, friendly and very fairly priced.  The pizza itself? Well, you can see, its burnt on one side and not nearly done on the other.  I like it a bit crispy, but not burnt.  We got this in a hurry on the move from one location shoot to another. Two sodas, small pizza with 3 slices each, $17 with tip.  No complaints, it was decent, not sure if the “authentic coal fired oven” lend to the pizza itself, but either way, I hope that they pay more attention to rotating the pizza next time so its not burnt on one side and nearly uncooked on the other.  The problem with these very hot ovens is that it bakes the dough just fine, but the toppings are not nearly done.  This was not a fail, but I would hope they are turning out better products in the future because they have a winning combination on the other end which is fast and friendly service at a very economic price.

Coal House 710 Arnold Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach  NJ  08742
Phone: 732-899-440

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