Food & History: September 16

Food & History: September 16 1380  Charles V of France dies, commissioned Taillevent to write the first professional cookery book written in France named ‘Le Viandier’.   1736  Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit dies, inventor the Fahrenheit temperature scale 1916  Prohibition begins in Ontario, Canada. 1947  Reynolds aluminum foil goes on sale.

Food & History: June 5

Food & History: June 5 1856  The first Vegetarian Community established in Kansas. 1876  The Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia sells bananas for the first time in the US for .10cents each and grow with great popularity. 1883  Horlick’s develops the process to dehydrate milk calling it Malted Milk. 1946  Meat maker George A. Hormel dies.

Today in History: March 8

Today in History: March 8 1765  John Hannon began producing one of the first North American made chocolate products using water power. This was the beginning of ‘Baker’s Chocolate’. 1941  American author Sherwood Anderson supposedly swallowed a swizzle stick while at a cocktail party in the Panama Canal Zone and died of peritonitis. 1992  Christian […]


Charcuterie Charcuterie is a fancy word for cured dried meats, or, coldcuts. Of course these artisanal meats are nothing like what you will find in a supermarket deli, but they are cousins.  For example, they are 10 times the quality, and they are made using only all natural methods. Common items are cappicola, prosciutto, salame, salute, […]