Food & History: May 1

Food & History: May 1 1886  Angelo Del Monte and ‘Papa’ Marianetti opened Ristorante Fior d’ Italia, America’s oldest Italian restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach, now located at 2237 Mason Street in San Francisco. 1899  Bayer introduces aspirin in Germany. 1924  Table salt with iodine goes on sale in grocery stores […]

Today in History: February 8

Today in History: February 8 1795  German Chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge born. He developed a method for obtaining sugar from beet juice. 1946  German Chemist Felix Hoffman dies, he first synthesized aspirin in 1897.  Before you thank him for those headaches and hangovers, remember he also invented heroin. 2014  The first McDonald’s restaurant in Vietnam […]

Today in History: January 16

Today in History: January 16 1868  William Davis, from Detroit receives a patent for a refrigerator car. 1894  Charles H. Phillips Chemical Company registers the ‘Milk of Magnesia’ trademark. 1915  Rosenella Cruciani ‘Rose’ Totino was born.  She is known as the queen of frozen pizza and co-founder with her husband Jim Totino, of Totino’s Pizzeria […]