Food & History: October 28

Food & History: October 28 1846  Georges Auguste Escoffier born. Known as “the emperor of chefs” and “emperor of the world’s kitchens” by Emperor William II of Germany. 1886  The Statue of Liberty officially unveiled and dedicated in New York Harbor. 1912  The Carleton Hotel opens in Montreal, Canada (now the Ritz Carleton). 1914  George Eastman […]

Food & History: September 27

Food & History: September 27 1870  Edmund McIlhenny patents an improved method for making pepper sauce and today only the Tabasco Sauce can bear that name. 1877  James Drummond Dole born. Known as the Pineapple King, he founded Hawaiian Pineapple Company which was later renamed Dole Pineapple Co. 1898  American cookbook author Clementine Paddleford was […]