Food & History: October 3

Food & History: October 3 1789  President George Washington signs a proclamation declaring Thursday the 26th day of November Thanksgiving Day. 1863  President Abraham Lincoln declares that Thanksgiving Day would be an annual event celebrated on the last Thursday in November. 1883  The Orient Express Train makes its first run from Paris to Constantinople (Istanbul, […]

Food & History: June 26

Food & History: June 26 1816  Louis Bignon born, a French agriculturist, restaurateur and chef. 1848  The first pure food laws enacted in the United States. 1870  The original wooden boardwalk in Atlantic City built. 1870  Christmas declared a federal holiday in the United States. 1910  Roy J. Plunkett born, inventor of Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene). 1974  […]


Manicotti There are so many ethnic stereotypes, especially when you watch sitcoms from previous century, especially when the setting is New York City.  My favorite was The Honeymooners when the Italian lady upstairs who spoke no English was known as “Mrs. Manicotti”.  In all the decades I’ve been alive and having grown up Italian in […]