Food & History: July 1

Food & History: July 1 1910  Ward Baking Company of Chicago opens the first completely automated bread plant in the United States. 1916  Coca-Cola starts using a new contoured bottle to stay ahead of the competition.  1936  Wally Amos, Jr. born, creator of ‘Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies’. 1953  Cheez Whiz introduced by Kraft. 2007  […]

Food & History: June 28

Food & History: June 28 1491  Henry VIII of England born. The first foodie often depicted eating a large drumstick. 1887  Coca-Cola syrup patented. 1939  PanAm flew the first trans-Atlantic passenger service from New York to Lisbon, Portugal. 1988  The longest trial in Spanish history ends after 15 months over poison olive oil. 1,500 witnesses […]

Food & History: May 1

Food & History: May 1 1886  Angelo Del Monte and ‘Papa’ Marianetti opened Ristorante Fior d’ Italia, America’s oldest Italian restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach, now located at 2237 Mason Street in San Francisco. 1899  Bayer introduces aspirin in Germany. 1924  Table salt with iodine goes on sale in grocery stores […]