Today in History: March 30

Today in History: March 30 1868  The Pullman Palace Car Company introduces the first railroad dining car. 1899  Chiquita brands, originally known as the Tropical Trading & Transport Company merged with rival Boston Fruit Company to form the United Fruit Company. 1914  Morton Salt Company registers its ‘When It Rains It Pours’ trademark. 1972  Royal Canadian Navy […]

Today in History: February 11

Today in History: February 11 1785  Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture founded. 1922  Frederick Grant Banting announces the discovery of insulin which is used to treat diabetes. 1926  Legendary French Chef Paul Bocuse born. 1963  The French Chef premieres on Television. It stars the iconic Julia Child. 1982  Florida Strawberry Growers Association founded.

Today in History: January 30

Today in History: January 30 1516  Duke Wilhalm IV instituted Reinheitsgebot, the German beer purity law as a matter of consumer protection. 1906  NECCO registered ‘NECCO Sweets’ trademark for its candy. 1912  California Fruit Growers Exchange registers the ‘Sunkist’ trademark for lemons. 1912  Hawaiian Pineapple Company registered ‘JDDole’ as a trademark for canned pineapple.