Food & History: November 23

Food & History: November 23 1534  German botanist Otto Brunfels dies. His work is considered to be a bridge between ancient and modern botany. 1553  Italian Botanist Prospero Alpini born. He is said to have introduced coffee and bananas to Europe. 1828  Cornelius Hoagland born, Co-founder of Royal Baking Powder Company in 1866. 1921  US […]

Food & History: November 13

Food & History: November 13 1805  It is said that German butcher Johann George Lehner created a sausage while living in Vienna, Austria. It was called both a Frankfurter and Weiner, or in the United States, a hot dog. 1895  The first shipment of canned pineapple leaves Hawaii. 1927  The Holland Tunnel opens, connecting New […]

Food & History: August 6

Food & History: August 6 1867 Sheldon Everitt received a patent for a Tea Kettle. 1881 Alexander Fleming born. He was a Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin in 1928. 1889  The Savoy Hotel opens in London, with Cesar Ritz and Escoffier. 1896  Spreckels Sugar Company (beet sugar) was incorporated in California. 1928  Andy Warhol born. American […]