Food & History: October 21

Food & History: October 21 1422  Charles VI of France dies. During his rule Taillevent was made Master of the King’s kitchens and gave sole rights for the aging of Roquefort cheese to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. 1911  William A. Mitchell born, a food chemist invented Tang, Pop Rocks, Cool Whip, quick-set Jell-O, and other […]

Food & History: September 11

Food & History: September 11 1851  Sylvester Graham dies.  He advocated vegetarianism, temperance and the use of coarse ground whole wheat (graham) flour from which he developed the Graham cracker in 1829. 1999  Bee keeper Virgil Foster dies at age 83 after being stung over 50 times by killer bees.  He was the first ‘killer […]

Food & History: September 9

Food & History: September 9 1754  Captain William Bligh born. The most famous mutiny in history took place on his ship while returning from Tahiti with breadfruit trees. 1843  Nancy M. Johnson receives a patent for the hand cranked ice cream freezer. 1890  Harland Sanders was born, Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant […]

Food & History: September 6

Food & History: September 6 1800  Catherine Esther Beecher born,  author of the first cookbook written for an American audience titled Miss Beecher’s Domestic Receipt Book. 1888  Brahma beer introduced in Brazil, they were the 5th largest brewery in the world in 2013. 1899  Carnation begins producing evaporated milk. 1916  Clarence Saunders founds the Piggly […]