Food & History: June 9

Food & History: June 9 1902  The first Automat opened in Philadelphia.  The original fast food, it was a vending machine for meals glass displays. 1911  Carry Amelia Nation dies.  She was a radical American temperance movement leader, she is notable for using a hatchet to destroy saloons. 1931  The ‘Alka-Seltzer’  trademark is registered. 1953  […]

Food & History: May 14

Food & History: May 14 1850  Joel Houghton of New York issued the first US Patent for a dishwashing machine. 1853  Gail Borden applies for a patent of condensed milk. 1908  Hungarian Nicholas Kurti born, he advocated applying scientific knowledge to the kitchen and coined the term ‘molecular gastronomy’. 1919  Henry John Heinz dies, founder […]