Food & History: October 11

Food & History: October 11 1811  The first steam-powered ferryboat began operation between New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey. 1844  Founder of the Heinz condiment company Henry John Heinz born. 1887  The 1st convention of the North West Farmers’ Association opens in Saskatchewa, Canada. 1919  The first airline meals are served, a pre-packed lunch […]

Food & History: September 27

Food & History: September 27 1870  Edmund McIlhenny patents an improved method for making pepper sauce and today only the Tabasco Sauce can bear that name. 1877  James Drummond Dole born. Known as the Pineapple King, he founded Hawaiian Pineapple Company which was later renamed Dole Pineapple Co. 1898  American cookbook author Clementine Paddleford was […]

Food & History: August 28

Food & History: August 28 1798  The first American vineyard planted in Lexington, Kentucky. 1837  John Lea and William Perrins of Worcester, England begin manufacturing Worcestershire Sauce. 1898  Caleb D. Bradham renames his new soft drink ‘Pepsi-Cola’ at his pharmacy his customers were calling “Brad’s Drink”. 2000  Foster’s Brewing of Australia acquires Beringer Wine Estates […]