Manicotti There are so many ethnic stereotypes, especially when you watch sitcoms from previous century, especially when the setting is New York City.  My favorite was The Honeymooners when the Italian lady upstairs who spoke no English was known as “Mrs. Manicotti”.  In all the decades I’ve been alive and having grown up Italian in […]

Pasta & Fagioli Recipe

Pasta & Fagioli Recipe This is a an easy Italian classic soup.  Many recipes might call for tomato sauce but this should not be tomato soup.  I just use a little tomato paste.  You can see the video online here if you like: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGiuZ8DGKaNru_wkziOjesA?sub_confirmation=1 INGREDIENTS 1 ounce diced pancetta or 3 slices cooked bacon 1 cup […]