Today in History: March 25

Today in History: March 25 1775  George Washington planted pecan trees (some of which still survive) at Mount Vernon. The trees were supposedly a gift to Washington from Thomas Jefferson. 1914  Norman Ernest Borlaug born. An American agronomist and Nobel Peace Prize winner for efforts to overcome world hunger. He developed the wheat/rye hybrid called ‘triticale’ […]

Today in History: February 21

Today in History: February 21 1931  Alka Seltzer is introduced in the USA by Miles Laboratories. 1947  Lidia Bastianich born, an Istrain-born chef and immigrant to the USA. Chef, restaurateur, author and award winning TV cooking show host. 2001  The European Commission banned all British milk, meat and livestock exports following an outbreak of disease […]

Today in History: February 11

Today in History: February 11 1785  Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture founded. 1922  Frederick Grant Banting announces the discovery of insulin which is used to treat diabetes. 1926  Legendary French Chef Paul Bocuse born. 1963  The French Chef premieres on Television. It stars the iconic Julia Child. 1982  Florida Strawberry Growers Association founded.