Food & History: July 26

Food & History: July 26 1926  Roquefort cheese is the first to be designated with an appellation d’origine controlee.  Only cheese that is processed in Roquefort, France and aged in the caves can be called ‘Roquefort Cheese.’ 2004  American food chemist William A. Mitchell dies, inventor of Tang, Pop Rocks, Cool Whip, quick-set Jell-O, powdered […]

Food & History: June 9

Food & History: June 9 1902  The first Automat opened in Philadelphia.  The original fast food, it was a vending machine for meals glass displays. 1911  Carry Amelia Nation dies.  She was a radical American temperance movement leader, she is notable for using a hatchet to destroy saloons. 1931  The ‘Alka-Seltzer’  trademark is registered. 1953  […]

Today in History: April 17

Today in History: April 17 1629  Horses first imported to the American colonies by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 1790  Benjamin Franklin dies. A Founding father of America, also, among many things including publisher of ‘Poor Richard’s Almanac.’ 1810  Lewis Mills Norton of Goshen, Connecticut issued a US patent for ‘pineapple cheese’. 1917  The Del Monte brand […]