Food & History: September 30

Food & History: September 30 1861  William Wrigley, Jr. born. He was an advertising genius, and Wrigley’s became the largest chewing gum manufacturer in the world. 1997  Hooters Restaurants agrees to pay $3.8 million in damages to settle a class action lawsuit alleging discriminatory hiring practices because they would not hire males to wait tables. […]

Food & History: August 19

Food & History: August 19 1851  Charles Elmer Hires born, the pharmacist who created Hires Root Beer. 1913   Clarence Crane registers the ‘Life Savers’ trademark. 1919  William B. Ward registers ‘Hostess’ trademark. 1996  Miss Universe told to lose 27 pounds or lose her crown. 2002  The Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington DC put the […]

Food & History: August 15

Food & History: August 15 1911  Crisco hydrogenated shortening introduced by Procter & Gamble. 1912  Julia Child born, American cook, author and one of the first ‘Celebrity Chefs’ of television. 1918  Wilbur Hardee born, founder of the Hardee’s fast food chain in 1960. 1928  Walter E. Diemer dies, inventor of bubble gum in 1928. 1943  Sgt. […]

Food & History: July 8

Food & History: July 8 1831  John Styth Pemberton, the pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola is born. 1844  Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln born, author of the original ‘Boston Cooking School Cook Book’. 1949  Chef, Restaurantuer and Author Wolfgang Puck born in Austria. 1957  Chocolatier William Cadbury dies at age 89. 2009  The town of Bundanoon in New […]