Food & History: September 11

Food & History: September 11 1851  Sylvester Graham dies.  He advocated vegetarianism, temperance and the use of coarse ground whole wheat (graham) flour from which he developed the Graham cracker in 1829. 1999  Bee keeper Virgil Foster dies at age 83 after being stung over 50 times by killer bees.  He was the first ‘killer […]

Food & History: August 6

Food & History: August 6 1867 Sheldon Everitt received a patent for a Tea Kettle. 1881 Alexander Fleming born. He was a Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin in 1928. 1889  The Savoy Hotel opens in London, with Cesar Ritz and Escoffier. 1896  Spreckels Sugar Company (beet sugar) was incorporated in California. 1928  Andy Warhol born. American […]