Food & History: November 23

Food & History: November 23 1534  German botanist Otto Brunfels dies. His work is considered to be a bridge between ancient and modern botany. 1553  Italian Botanist Prospero Alpini born. He is said to have introduced coffee and bananas to Europe. 1828  Cornelius Hoagland born, Co-founder of Royal Baking Powder Company in 1866. 1921  US […]

Food & History: November 19

Food & History: November 19 1493  Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico during his 2nd voyage to the New World. 1961  Michael Rockefeller, son of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, disappears in New Guinea and was presumed eaten by indigenous cannibals. 1966  Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito born. 1980  The Palmers open the first Applebee’s restaurant in in Atlanta, […]

Food & History: October 11

Food & History: October 11 1811  The first steam-powered ferryboat began operation between New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey. 1844  Founder of the Heinz condiment company Henry John Heinz born. 1887  The 1st convention of the North West Farmers’ Association opens in Saskatchewa, Canada. 1919  The first airline meals are served, a pre-packed lunch […]

Food & History: September 29

Food & History: September 29 1819  The whaling era in the Hawaiian Islands begins when two New England ships arrive. 1989  August A. Busch Jr. (‘Gussie’) dies, the grandson of Anheuser-Busch brewery founder Adolphus Busch. 2002  Cuban officials announce they struck deals to buy more than $66 million in American food at a historic agribusiness […]

Food & History: September 26

Food & History: September 26 1754  French chemist Joseph-Louis Proust born. He extracted sugar from grapes, and proved it identical to sugar extracted from honey. 1774  John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) born. American pioneer and legend who planted apple seeds in the Ohio River valley area in the states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. 1904  Writer Lafcadio Hearn […]

Food & History: September 11

Food & History: September 11 1851  Sylvester Graham dies.  He advocated vegetarianism, temperance and the use of coarse ground whole wheat (graham) flour from which he developed the Graham cracker in 1829. 1999  Bee keeper Virgil Foster dies at age 83 after being stung over 50 times by killer bees.  He was the first ‘killer […]