A & S Pork Store

A & S Pork Store


Stumbled upon completely by accident while searching for the elusive “Nduja”, I found this old school Italian store in a strip mall (of all places) while turning off the highway to get to a super food store in search of an ingredient which is not very well known, but very well known to enhance many pasta dishes.  Nudge is a spicy Calabrese pork sausage made from the shoulder, jowl and other parts of the pig that might be discarded.  So where better to find this than in an authentic Italian store that specializes in pork?

While waiting I could not help but hear the Italian music playing and saw some interesting food specialities well known to those from the Napoli region of Italy such as Pizza Rustica, also known as “pizza gain”.  I am not sure if they call it that because its slang for pizza “American” or because a mere slice of this will add a few kilos or pounds to you instantly.  It is a very heavy “cake” of cream, cheese, ham, eggs, more cheese, and anything else you can imagine which is heavy in cholesterol and fatty.  Its most commonly made around Easter time and its still lent, so I know I am in the right place.


When my turn on line finally came, I asked if they had nduja – the senior guy there looked at me and I tried to spell it out since I know I was pronouncing it wrong.  They did not have it, but they pointed to a sausage hanging from the ceiling saying this was as close to that as what they have.


This is what it looked like.  Its very spicy, and is basically dry cured salami.  I can’t say that I love it, and its not what I wanted, but at least I know where to get some authentic Italian products.  The fact that they advertise that they’ve been in business since 1948 (though I doubt at this same location), this deserves a closer look and I plan to visit here again during the week when I pass back through this area.


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