Aquila Forno

Aquila Forno

Tucked away in a very small and short street, you can easily miss this place, but you would be missing a lot.  Fair warning, this is a very small place with only a few tables. So plan ahead, and plan to wait, but it will be worth it

The pizza is rated one of the best in New Jersey, and I will even say one of the best in the Tri-State area.

The menu is limited, less than a dozen items and five of them are pizza.  But everything we tasted was delicious, especially the meatballs. My eldest cousin even dared to say “they are almost like my mother’s”.  The reason the menu is so limited is because everything is cooked in a single wood burning brick oven.

They do have seasonal pizzas, soft drinks and espresso. Of course you are welcome to bring your own wine.  Definitely call ahead. Their website states they are only open Wednesday through Saturday.

Aquila Forno Pizza
7a Paterson Avenue, Little Falls  NJ 07424