Food & History: December 1

Food & History: December 1 1885  Dr. Pepper is sold for the first time. 1886  American crime writer Rex Stout born. More than 70 of his novels and stories feature the fictional gourmet detective, Nero Wolfe.  He also published ‘The Nero Wolfe Cookbook’ in 1973. 1999  The Russian Duma passed an animal rights bill that prohibits […]

Food & History: November 28

Food & History: November 28 1520  Under the command of Portuguese, explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailed from the Atlantic Ocean through the passage now known as the Straits of Magellan, entering the “Sea of the South” in search of an alternate route to the Spice Islands. 1837  John Wesley Hyatt born, he invented a water purifying […]

Food & History: November 26

Food & History: November 26 1789  US President George Washington signs a proclamation declaring Thursday the 26th day of November as the first national Thanksgiving Day under the Constitution. 1832   The ‘John Mason’, the first public horse-drawn streetcar, began carrying passengers in New York City. 1867  J.B. Sutherland of Detroit receives the first US patent […]

Food & History: November 25

Food & History: November 25 1846  Carrie Amelia Moore Nation born, a radical American temperance movement leader most noted for using a hatchet to destroy saloons. 1884  John Mayenberg receives the first US patent for the process to produce evaporated milk. 1884  The Nestle trademark is registered. 1915  Edwin Traisman born, the food scientist who […]

Food & History: November 24

Food & History: November 24 1762  Sandwich first appears in print. Edward Gibbons Journal, entry on this day reads ‘I dined at the Cocoa Tree….That respectable body affords every evening a sight truly English. Twenty or thirty of the first men in the kingdom….supping at little tables….upon a bit of cold meat, or a Sandwich.’ 1998  […]

Food & History: November 23

Food & History: November 23 1534  German botanist Otto Brunfels dies. His work is considered to be a bridge between ancient and modern botany. 1553  Italian Botanist Prospero Alpini born. He is said to have introduced coffee and bananas to Europe. 1828  Cornelius Hoagland born, Co-founder of Royal Baking Powder Company in 1866. 1921  US […]