Today in History: April 1

Today in History: April 1 April Fool’s Day 1891 Wrigley Chewing Gum Company founded. 1893 The first dishwashing machine became an award winning success at the 1893 Columbian Exposition, which eventually became KitchenAid. 1957  The BBC aired a spoof TV documentary about spaghetti crops in Switzerland, showing women carefully plucking strands of spaghetti from a […]

Today in History: March 31

Today in History: March 31 1848  William Waldorf Astor was born, builder of the famous Waldorf-Astoria in 1897. 1978  Charles Best dies discoverer of the hormone insulin which is used to treat diabetes. 1989  Chefs from Japanese restaurants in New York persuade the FDA to allow importing and serving fogu (blowfish). 1992  Bob Wian dies, […]

Today in History: March 30

Today in History: March 30 1868  The Pullman Palace Car Company introduces the first railroad dining car. 1899  Chiquita brands, originally known as the Tropical Trading & Transport Company merged with rival Boston Fruit Company to form the United Fruit Company. 1914  Morton Salt Company registers its ‘When It Rains It Pours’ trademark. 1972  Royal Canadian Navy […]

Today in History: March 26

Today in History: March 26 1753  Benjamin Thompson, Count von Rumford born.  American physician who invented the percolator, a pressure cooker and a kitchen stove.  He is also frequently credited with creating the Baked Alaska dessert. 1880  Famous Foodie Duncan Hines born. 2006  Scotland beings to ban smoking in public places, including restaurants and bars.

Today in History: March 25

Today in History: March 25 1775  George Washington planted pecan trees (some of which still survive) at Mount Vernon. The trees were supposedly a gift to Washington from Thomas Jefferson. 1914  Norman Ernest Borlaug born. An American agronomist and Nobel Peace Prize winner for efforts to overcome world hunger. He developed the wheat/rye hybrid called ‘triticale’ […]

Today in History: March 24

Today in History: March 24 1765  British Parliament passes a law which requires American colonists to provide temporary quarters, food, drink, etc. to British troops stationed in their towns. 1914  Stephen F. Whitman registered a trademark for ‘Whitman’s Sampler Chocolates & Confections.’ 1974  Nathan’s Hot Dog founder Nathan Handwerker dies. 1990  Cook book author Jane Grigson […]

Today in History: March 23

Today in History: March 23 1806  Lewis & Clark expedition began the journey back to St. Louis from their winter encampment from Columbia River in Oregon. 1857  Fannie Merritt Farmer was born, American culinary authority, and author of the 1896 edition of ‘The Boston Cooking School Cook Book’ which became known in future editions as […]