Today in History: February 1

Today in History: February 1 1939  State Representative Cleveland Sleeper Jr. introduces a bill to the Maine Legislature making it illegal to use tomatoes in clam chowder.  New England clam chowder is typically white/cream based, while Manhattan clam chowder has a tomato base. 1953  Kraft Cheese & Dairy Company founder James Lewis Kraft dies. 1982  […]

Today in History: January 31

Today in History: January 31 1817  French Chef Antoine Beauvilliers dies. He founded La Grande Taverne de Londres, the first luxury restaurant. 1957  Canada makes Thanksgiving Day a national holiday. 1980  Coca Cola starts substituting high fructose corn due to rising sugar costs. 1990  The first McDonald’s opens in Moscow, Russia. 2001  Germany announces to destroy […]